Tuesday, June 22, 2004

This moral Gallup poll makes for Interesting Reading.

Well, back from vacation but certainly not in the swing of things. This article about Kerry and Stem Cells is interesting, though. One thing I remember from before I went on vacation is that Nancy Reagan will be pushing for Stem Cell research. Bush is going to be bashed from all sides on this.

The thing is, though. Did you notice that yesterday a privately funded spacecraft took off and briefly entered space (enough so that M & M's floated around)? Well, Stem Cell research is NOT illegal. All these people are fighting for Bush to fund stem cell research with our tax dollars. If everyone who is for it would donate to the research privately... heck, if John Kerry is for it HE could fund a great program on his own with his and his wife's half a billion dollars. So this battle with Bush is not about Stem Cell research, it is about whether those people in our society who see Stem Cell research as evil are allowed to have any say in whether tax dollars should fund such things. No one is stopping research in America, just as no one is stopping space exploration in America. If you have the smarts, the money and the will -- then go ahead and design cures, go ahead and explore space, go ahead and live the American dream. It isn't Bush who is against you.

One other note on vacation. In driving a couple thousand miles on our nations highways I noticed, more than I ever have before, that death is literally only inches away. Will the driver ahead fall asleep? Will the car next to me lose a tire? Will the pack of cars across the median crash across to me? These are thoughts horse and buggy drivers never had.

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