Monday, March 29, 2004

I have my next RCIA meeting tomorrow night. At the first meeting, one of the items we talked about was "who is going to hell." Our instructors said, if you remember, that Catholics don't presume to know who is going to hell. We believe that when you die, you are given a choice between accepting God and rejecting God. If you reject God, down you go. In times past, people who committed suicide were not allowed to be buried in a Catholic graveyard because suicide is a mortal sin. Now, since much more is understood about mental health, and since we don't presume to know how God will handle each person's sin, Catholics who commit suicide can be burried along with other Catholics.

I bring this up because an odd fellow who used to work for me a few years back (we had to let him go because he falsified his time sheet) committed suicide over the weekend. He sent a postcard to the coroner's office containing his suicide note. How efficient, and how like him. He was an athiest and attended yearly get-aways with Mensa. I fought with him on a lot of issues, big and little. One that I remember very well was that he often complained that I left pop cans and bottles which were not quite empty on my desk which I ended up pouring out and throwing away. He believed that a person should have a rule, when the pop reaches a certain level in the bottle or can, one should drink the rest. That way, nothing goes to waste.

I guess he reached that level in his life.

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