Sunday, March 14, 2004

I worked six hours this morning before running errands and baking four dozen cookies. I cleared a virus off one of our computers, too, which was tedious... my own dumb mistake opening something I shouldn't have. So forgive an ill thought out blog.

The Socialist Party took over in Spain in the election after the bombing. From what I understand, we can't expect them to help the USA in Iraq or elsewhere. I'm sure the terrorists are pleased. So, what's so wrong with communists? The disciples, after all, were rather communistic, weren't they? Just read Acts 2:44, where everyone was pooling their money and goods for the welfare of all. And families are communistic for the most part, we pool our money and goods for the welfare of all. But somewhere along the line, bad seeds get involved in any communist venture and we can't just strike them dead, now, can we, even if God might smile on that course of action.

Perhaps there's just something human nature that doesn't fit with true communistic behavior. Adam and Eve had everything they could want, after all, until they wanted more. God sent them out to earn their keep by the sweat of their brow after they fell in the Garden. If everything is given freely, there will always be those who want to either keep too much or give too little or take too much -- perhaps even some who want to give too much for their own good. We don't live in the Garden anymore and things aren't right, won't be right, perhaps can't be right until the ending comes.

My boss was in the first Gulf War, stationed in Saudi Arabia. He told me once that the Garden of Eden was in Saudi Arabia... and that you can see how pissed God was because he turned it into a God-forsaken dust bin.

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