Monday, March 08, 2004

OK, my name is not really Eutychus. The name is from Acts 20 verse 9: Paul was teaching in Troas and a young man named Eutychus was sitting on a third story windowsill. While Paul was speaking, Eutychus fell asleep, fell three stories down to the ground and died. Paul brought him back to life... Thus the title of this conversation. I thought it was an apt name for this Blog since I fell asleep as a Christian in the Methodist Church and I feel the Catholic Church has brought me back to life.

The impetus for my conversion was conflict. The Methodist Church is in conflict. Every four years they get together to vote on the direction of the church and every four years they seem to care less and less about the Gospel. Divorce has been accepted and is never the subject of a sermon. The Methodist Women who used to march on Washington against gambling and drinking now march on Washington in support of abortion. The Methodist Men send letters to President Bush asking him to repent of his sins against humanity while letting Castro and Hussein skate. In short, the Methodist Church and the Global Board of Ministries has become one of the progressive arms of the Democratic party. Gay Marriage has to be outvoted every four years and every time it comes closer to passing. Combine all that with constant conflict within the congregation and there is little room for learning or growth as a Christian adult, and little room for faith to sprout in Christian children.

So, since late in 2003 we have been attending a Catholic Church and loving the atmosphere. I have taken the leap and am going to begin the classes to become a Catholic so that I can take communion with the rest of the Church.

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