Sunday, April 04, 2004

Christian Hawk? 

Is it wrong for a Christian to be a hawk on the war? I see the pictures from Iraq and want nothing more than our Marines to clean house in Baghdad and Fallujah. I've been reading from many sources on the "Turn the other cheek" lesson of Jesus.

If it is within your power to stop a beating or a murder but you would have to fight, should you do it? WWJD if he saw a woman pulled from her car at an intersection and saw her being brutally beaten? Would he tell her to turn the other cheek and walk on?

I don't know if it is within the power of the USA to stop terrorism, but I don't think it's unchristian to try. Some think we should fund schools and hospitals in the poorer countries. It is the "we" part that shows them for what they are... why not "I." If all of those people who say "we" (the USA) should fund the poor would instead take out their own money purse and do so, perhaps they wouldn't have to say it anymore.

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