Wednesday, April 07, 2004


OK. Let's say some kids claim they have been talking with Mary, the mother of Christ. Mary tells them secrets, shows them visions. Let's say to prove it, the kids invite the whole town to witness a miracle and then, with 70,000 people standing around waiting, the sun whirls around in the sky and appears to zoom down toward the earth.

The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima Portugal in 1917 is a supernatual event witnessed by many thousands of people. Jesus performed supernatural events, miracles. Prayer is a supernatural activity. The whole concept of God and the Devil and Heaven and Hell are supernatural.

One thing about getting older, you know yourself a lot better than you used to. I have had periods of religious intensity in the past and quite often they are accompanied by interest in other supernatual phenomenon. Is Art Bell on the radio silly? It's full of strange callers, strange events and theories, and strange ideas. But to be a Christian is to accept the supernatural as real . . . to be a Christian one has to develop the ability to discern between good-supernatural, evil-supernatural and just plain silly-supernatural. I actually spoke to my Methodist pastor in the past about this and I think he thought I was joking. The Catholic faith seems to have a much firmer base, a more complete understanding, which I hope will keep me on the path.

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