Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The First Cut of the Scourge to Come 

We Seek Forever

We seek forever what we lose in birth --
warmth, shelter, food, peace -- connectedness
through trust and love.
What's left of that connectedness but navels
and the memory of pain?
And yet, that too, those navels and that pain,
are what connect us all . . .
are what connect us all, once more, to God --
for the first scar of Jesus,
the first cut of the scourge to come,
created His belly button --
disconnecting him from Mary
and connecting Him to all Mankind.


I'll be going to the stations of the cross tomorrow. I don't know what the stations are other than the picture plaques that line the wall of our parish. I've heard that Gibson's movie followed the stations, so perhaps I know more than I think. I don't plan to read up on it beforehand.

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