Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I really must apologize for lumping all Methodists into one big ball and representing them as unserious in their faith. I have friends and family who give me evidence enough that there are strong Methodists, full of faith, out and about in the world.

Also, some take exception that I said Methodism came out of the Catholic Church. They say it came out of the Church of England... but to me it seems clear, whether the Methodist Church is a child of the Catholic Church or a grandchild, she doesn't honor, or learn from, her roots.

I was quite disappointed in the President's presentation tonight. It reads much better than it was delivered. I wonder why he didn't just address the nation instead of taking questions... he could have used a teleprompter and come off better. I'm not surprised he wants to take Cheney in with him before the 9/11 panel. I would want someone in with me as well, Cheney can talk while the President considers his words and gets them in order. I wish he would have been harder on the press tonight, especially when the questions were seeking his apology and for him to list his mistakes. I would have said, "My opponent would just love that question. I'm sure the Democrat nominee would like nothing more than for me to take the blame for 9/11 and serve up a list of all I've done wrong. Well let me just say, I've considered with a heavy heart each decision I've made and I took each decision before people I respect and before God in prayer and I stand by my deeds."

Ah well, silk purse, sow's ear and all that.

What is There Left to Say

What is there left to say
beyond the stars at night,
beyond the break of day?
God's truth is in our sight:
how far beyond their needs,
the color of the light
off blooming, common weeds.
God's truth is in our ear:
when sparrows state their needs,
it's beauty that we hear.
We sense when God's at play
and when His work is near.
What is there left to say
beyond the break of day.

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