Monday, April 12, 2004

I saw in Donald Sensing's "One Hand Clapping" that a soldier, Don Steven McMahan, who was in the plane on his way home from Iraq, was recalled before the plane could take off. He was then subsequently killed in action, leaving behind his family.

Do you remember when the 3000 people in the Trade Center were killed (of course you do) how America donated billions of dollars and celebrities put on concerts to raise even more money. All of those innocents and those fire fighters and those policepeople who were killed in 9/11 left behind families who are now, however you want to cut it, without money worries.

And then there's the people, the soldiers, the civilian workers, Andy Rooney says are not heroes. Someone, somewhere, sometime soon.... please set up a fund for those who are dying in Iraq. I will give more than I gave for the 9/11 victims because these people ARE heroes.

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