Friday, April 16, 2004

I'm still working my way through "The Essential Catholic Catechism." I've been reading it all year and only have a few chapters left. The chapter I'm currently on covers the 10 Commandments. I had no idea how much the Catechism expands the Commandments. Since my book just touches on the highlights, and since I'm having trouble understanding when it's right to stand up for yourself and others (like the War on Terror), I think I will have to read the sections straight out the Catechsim (the Catechism link is a nice, searchable, online version).

Does anyone watch Joan of Arcadia? I enjoy the show, but I'm sometimes unavailable to watch it or else forget it's on since Fridays are busy times. But I caught one the other night where God told Joan to prevent her friend's artwork from being in an art sale show. After many tries at different things, Joan ended up smashing it to pieces. In the end, she realized that there were other avenues besides the violent one and she said she had suffered a failure of imagination.

This is what, to me, most people are accusing of President Bush; that he didn't investigate all paths or have the patience to wait out Saddam. I heard someone say the other day, on TV

"What would John Kerry and others, who today
are blaming the President for not having patience in Iraq, say
if he had waited and pursued more peaceful means and then
we had a biological attack in the USA that was proved to have
originated in Iraq."

Well, of course, they would blast President Bush because all the signs, all Intelligence in the world, said there were biological weapons in Iraq. If he had waited, applying more and more pressure against Saddam, and then some terrorist group had gotten some weapon out of Iraq to attack us -- Kerry and everyone else would today be calling President Bush a weak failure, too afraid to use our power to protect us.

This is the price we pay for preemption: you are bashed if you do and you are bashed if you don't.

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