Tuesday, April 20, 2004

In early may, our priest is holding a "straw mass." This is one of the few times I've looked up a term or phrase on Google that not much came back. A straw mass is where the priest goes through the motions of the mass and explains every detail of what he's doing and why. After the mass, the priest will take us all on a tour of the Parish. I am really looking forward to it.

On Sunday, after mass but before the people had been released, our priest announced the straw mass and said it was open to everyone. He said something to the effect of, "You have high school degrees and college degrees and then, on your job, you are continually going for more education. You learn because it's important for your livelihood to stay informed, to know what you are doing. But most of you stopped your religious training in the 8th grade. What kind of a job do you think you can do with an 8th grade education? You need to keep learning, keep understanding. Come to the straw mass, learn about what you're doing every Sunday if you don't already know."

This kind of thing is why I like my priest. He is energetic, forward thinking, conservative and very, very funny.

I've been watching (albeit from the cheap seats) the battle Mark Shea has with those who are continually sour. I tend to be on the side of good humor... it makes all things easier.

On another topic, I watched Spartacus this week and enjoyed it. Every once in awhile, I thought they might have been trying to poke President Bush in the eye out the mouths of the Romans... but it was, at least, fairly subtle. Sometimes, when the Roman commander Crassus gave a speech, like when he said, "You're either with me, or you're against me." I had to wonder. There was another speech, too, something about Rome being the greatest country in all history, with the most powerful army and all those who attack her must be destroyed so that Rome remains on top."

Update: Also, the Jewish gladiator had a moment that didn't quite ring true to me. Spartacus was trying to pray for the first time and he asked about the Jewish God. The Jewish gladiator said something like, "We pray to a God who never answers, who leaves it up to us to decide our own answers." -- is that the attitude of 71 b.c. Jews? Spartacus then said, "a good God for free men."

Anyway, I enjoyed it despite what I took to be jabs at Bush.

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