Sunday, April 04, 2004

My thanks to Michael Dubruiel, a fellow Hoosier, who sent me a copy of his book, "The How-To Book of the MASS." Sometimes I don't even realize what I don't know yet about the faith journey I've begun. Michael's book explains the hows and whys of some of the most basic things I haven't even thought to learn yet. How and when to cross yourself, how and when to genuflect, how and when to bow.

Michael also sent me a small pamphlet called, "Praying the Rosary" which he wrote with Amy Welborn (yet another Hoosier -- when will a Hoosier Pope be selected? ). The pictures in the pamphlet are outstanding and I have begun a search trying to find them on Holy Cards. Several of the pictures are from the Dionysiou Monastery.

This morning, at Mass (I usually go to Saturday Mass, but today went to early Sunday morning), a women near the front of the church began praying the Rosary out loud. Soon the congregation joined in with response to her prayers. Perhaps Catholics are used to this, but to me it was a first and very beautiful. I know my Hail Mary and my Our Father, but I did not know all the responses, nor could I keep up with the congregation.

The Priest and two or three others read the Passion and I found the service very touching. Easter is so important, I wonder, as Mark Roberts is discussing today, why we all listen to music over Christmas, but not so much over Easter. Which season is more important for our salvation? I think I will follow what Mark is recommending so I'll have some music for Lent for years to come.

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