Saturday, April 17, 2004

The new Hamas president was killed in Gaza today. Of course, it was only a few weeks ago that this man said that "God has declared war on the United States."

On the Islamic side of this war, it seems, there is little doubt that this is a holy war between faiths, or perhaps they don't really see the Jews or the USA as having any faith at all. But on our side, it really isn't a holy war, is it. If it were, wouldn't we just nuke them? There, we've called the hand of God down from Heaven to remove your cities from existance. No, it isn't a holy war on our side -- no matter what the Democrats think of Bush quoting the Almighty.

Forgetting all of the above, in a way I'm sure no one outside of the USA is capable of doing, the day here was beyond glorious. Sunny, warm, breezy. Yard work, taking my 5 year old to swim class, more yard work, the mower started on the first pull after a long winter's rest, helping my 18 year old with his '87 Nova, and then a pleasant Mass where a marriage was blessed. I could feel the day's work in my back as I knelt during Mass. It was a good feeling.

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