Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Nintendo Epistle 

Nintendo Epistle

How do you mark your days? Here you learn mathematics, here you read of things that happened in the limited lives of men (but never the limitless record of God), here you read of things that never happened and never will, here you watch people pretend of life until your inner thoughts are stilled and here you interact with emptiness, contest against a mirror, revel in victories that disappear within the levels of the game.

You are divorced from the rhythms of Earth. The seasons, the natural laws of life and death God used throughout all history to show Mankind the way of Life, mean nothing but, "Here is rain to avoid, here cold to hurry through, here sun to see by, here night to sleep." You are divorced from the faces and interests of other people, their worries, their pains, their joys mean little, mean nothing to you. The golden rule means nothing to you for you do not seek and do not care to be found. You are not evil and neither are you good. You do not lie and neither do you speak. You do not steal for you want nothing. You strive to be unaware.

This happened: God made us aware and free to choose. We chose emptiness. God promised the empty they could become full once more. He became like us to show us how to be full again. Some killed Him, and kill Him still, preferring emptiness. Some followed Him and follow Him still. He will come again, in the end, and will tell us each how empty we are, how full we became. The end will be the mark of your days you never marked yourself. The end will marry you to the consequences of each choice you have made and have not made, each person you have touched and each you have failed to touch, each thought you have had and each thought you have avoided. In the end, once more, you will be made aware.

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