Thursday, April 22, 2004

North Korean Train Explosion 

My encyclopedia says that the religious breakdown of North Korea is:

16% atheist
12 % indigenous beliefs
2% Buddhist
2% Christian
56% nonreligious
12% Chondogyo (a Korean religion)

So what is a Catholic's proper prayer for the 3000+ North Koreans who just died? Here's something, changed a little, from the Mass for the Dead

Recall, merciful Jesus,
these people were the reason for your journey:
do not destroy them on this day.
In seeking them, you sat down wearily;
enduring the Cross, you redeemed them:
do not let these pains be in vain.

You, who absolved Mary Magdalen,
and heard the prayer of the thief,
you who have given me hope, as well.
My prayers are not worthy,
but show mercy, O good one,
lest these dead burn forever in fire.
Give them a place among the sheep.

This day is one of weeping,
on which shall rise from the ashes
the guilty man, to be judged.
Therefore, spare them, O God.
Merciful Lord Jesus:
grant them peace.

Update: I see a new count is many less dead, thankfully. Much like the initial estimates of the World Trade Center attack had 8-10 thousand dead, but it ended up being around 3000.

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