Friday, April 30, 2004

On the Front Porch of God 

I'm headed to a viewing this afternoon of a man who graduated high school only three years ago. I work with his father. While my co-worker was in the South on a five day recreational weekend, his son, at home, ended his life. It's completely apparent to me that I don't know the whole story, so my condolences, however heartfelt, can only come up short.

I wrote once that pain and suffering can be seen as a ringing doorbell on the front porch of God. When you experience suffering, do you wait, enter and obtain peace? Or do you hear the bell and flee into the darkness? Nothing I say or write or believe myself will fill the emptiness or stave off the memories my co-worker must now be experiencing. All I can do is offer to listen and pray.

It wasn't that long ago that an ex co-worker of mine ended his own life and I read the Catechism's take on suicide.

Watch, O Lord (St. Augustine)

Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight, and give Your angels and saints charge over those who sleep.
Tend Your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
Rest Your weary ones.
Bless Your dying ones.
Soothe Your suffering ones.
Pity Your afflicted ones.
Shield Your joyous ones, and all for Your love's sake. Amen.

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