Friday, April 09, 2004

One of the things I enjoy about Catholicism, that perhaps helped draw me to Catholicism, is the worth of icons. Even while I was Methodist I collected Holy Cards and studied miracles (especially modern miracles) and enjoyed reading about the Catholic saints. Sometimes, on All Saints' Day, we Methodists would bring in candles to church to celebrate a saint in our own lives (like a grandmother or parent who had passed away). But overall, the lives of the saints, their experiences, their writings, etc. had nothing to do with Methodism. When I would, on occasion, hand out Holy Cards with prayers for Guardian Angels to the kids in the nursery, or hand out Crucifixion Holy Cards with the 23rd Psalm to friends or family I would get kind of a strange glance and "What are you trying to tell me with this?" comments. Personally, I have Holy Cards all over the place and use them for bookmarks, reflection and as an aid in prayer.

Read here about what the All Saint's Day celebration is like in the Methodist Church:

Yesterday's worship was one of those holy
moments. The celebration of All Saint's Day saw us light
candles to remember those who had illuminated our path.
As the worship drew to a close, we were surrounded by
the soft glow of candlelight, as we were reminded that
we were surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses.

I recall a story about a pastor who was sharing with
children in worship. He asked them a question (often a
mistake!). He asked, "What is a saint?" There was that
silence that sometimes follows a question like that.

Now I am looking into my first rosary. I'd like to design one that has black beads, maybe Czech glass and Cocoa wood. First, though, I need to advance in my RCIA classes to the point where I understand when and how to pray the rosary.

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