Saturday, April 03, 2004

Spain and the Catholic Church 

I heard on the radio the other day that 94% of the population of Spain is Catholic, but only 14% of the teenagers and young adults attend mass. I didn't have free time today to read or scan about, but I did have time to think. Perhaps it is an old thought, I don't know, but it seems like Heaven doesn't hold much attraction for Western youth. You can see how the Lord as shepherd would be meaningful to anyone raising animals, and perhaps especially meaningful for parents. You can see how going to your eternal rest would be meaningful to anyone living a life of hard labor. You can see how the waves of sickness and death that have swept the world through histories past would make the mercy of Christ meaningful.

Why would people who have plentiful leisure time, plentiful health, plentiful toys and gifts and treasures seek heaven when they have, in their daily lives, what many, perhaps most, would considered heaven on earth?

That's where the Holy Spirit comes in, yes? The Spirit which brings our souls through Christ to God? So as I thought all these things, I wondered how the Holy Spirit approaches today's rich youth.

Wireless Lord

Wireless Lord, your spirit brings
my soul to Christ. I reach for you
and in your heart creation sings.
Wireless Lord, your spirit brings
the praise and prayers of living things
to glorify your Kingdom's truth.
Wireless Lord, your spirit brings
my soul to Christ. I reach for you.

Yes, yes... I am imagining the Holy Spirit as a Wi-Fi, surrounding us unseen, a hidden pathway to the Lord all around us. Here Christ is the handshake through which, and only through which (though in a variety of ways) we can connect to God, the Internet. Are such thoughts blasphemy? I'll sleep on it.

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