Saturday, May 08, 2004

As United Methodists
we remain in covenant with one another,
even in the midst of disagreement,
and reaffirm our commitment to work together
for our common mission
of making disciples of Jesus Christ
throughout the world.

So ends the United Methodist General Conference, 2004. Many, probably most of the delegates will return to their home churches and report, "we have affirmed our covenant, we did not leave the conference divided, we will come back in four years as a stronger denomination.” Despite the fact that for most of the conference, " β€œIn the course of our legislative committees and debate on this floor, we've found ourselves in a sea of distrust … and drowning.”

Who can know the future. Do I wish them the best and a strong unity in their faith? Or do I wish them to further splinter, hoping the faithfilled among them will view the Catholic Church as a refuge in that sea of distrust...

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