Friday, May 07, 2004

Here's another favorable view of President Bush I just ran across:

Then I leaned over and mentioned that we pray for him every day.
He stopped dead in his tracks (a definite security NO-NO . . . the
SS men got REALLY antsy). He searched my eyes as if to see how
much I really meant what I was saying. Then he gave me the most
amazing and unexpected personal response, Paul said for a good
20-30 seconds.

He told me what the effect has been on him, waking up every day
of the crisis and knowing within himself that he is being faithfully
prayed for. He almost pleaded with me not to give up, but to
persist with it, for this is only the beginning. Then he looked me
even more squarely in my eyes, and gave me a very personal and
specific series of instructions about the very things he most needs
prayer for, on behalf of himself and of the nation.

He urged me that the threat against America is very great, and
that one of our focuses in prayer to God needs to be "the
shielding of America" . . . and wisdom for him as he leads the
country through this time.

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