Sunday, May 09, 2004

Mothers' Day Sermons 

Mothers' Day Sermons

At my brother's church today, the sermon was about a woman. She put things off that she always wanted to do. She was always busy with something else, work or family or friends, etc. Something else always took precedence over her desires. And then she died, died rather young, and she never did those things. Hearing about it reminded me of "It's a Wonderful Life" if you remember that movie. Remember how Jimmy Stewart always put off his own wants for someone else's needs. The sermon was like that. The minister spoke eloquently about how this woman never stopped to smell the roses, never experienced those things she really wanted to experience and how sad that is. He said everyone should take the opportunities that pass their way in life and live to the fullest. No one, he said, is going to look back at the end of their life and remember the work, the long days at the office, the beautiful lawn landscaping, etc. It really touched a lot of the congregation.

Now. My church. Father spoke of all that women have gained over the last thirty years of the feminist movement. Now, on Mothers' Day, women can think back to the children then never had and the children they chose to kill before birth. Now, these women who have power, these women who are fully equal to men, can watch the Academy Awards or the Grammies or name your own award show and they can see men, dressed to the nines in Tuxedos, fully respected... and they can see their women peers dressed in barely anything at all, dressed like women of the street, as if they are to be respected for the beauty of their skin and not at all for their actual work. Is this the equality women sought and say they have? Father went on, he spoke of the pornography industry and how the women's movement has never sought to make that industry illegal. Women don't march on Washington to seek laws against the degradation and humiliation of women, no, women march in the streets of Washington to make sure it remains legal to kill the very reason for Mother's Day. It is beyond reason.

And there you have it. This is the difference between the direction of the Catholic Church and the direction of so many other Christian Churches. In my brother's church, the minister brought many people to tears by telling them exactly, exactly what they want to hear: Go out now and do what you want! Don't let your responsibilities and your fears and your worries govern your life. Go! Go smell the roses. And in my new church, the priest says, look, look at the world we live in where women kill their own babies, where men ogle women and treat them like objects not at all respecting them as people or equals. You need to take action, you need to take responsibility in your own life and in your own family to stop these things that are corrupting the world around you. So many people are out smelling the roses, there's no one left to plant them. There's a garden to be tended out there, weeds to be pulled, earth to be moved, water to be poured, seeds to be planted... there are roses to be grown and who is there but each of you to grow them?

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