Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Tonight's RCIA class is Discernment. The discernment process tries to determine whether we're ready to move ahead to the next phase of RCIA. I'm at the first phase, the pre-catechumenate phase, and I hope to move on to the Catechumenate period. That was the purpose of our homework at the last session where we had to write down answers to questions like, "Who is Jesus for you?" and "What are you seeking from the Catholic Church?" and "What do you want from God?" and "How and When and for what do you pray?" If our teachers think we're ready, and if we accept, we'll be going through the Rite of Acceptance in the first Sunday in June.

I will find out more tonight, but one thing I'm concerned about is Dismissal. The final part of the Rite of Acceptance is your dismissal from the assembly, you will now be dismissed on a weekly basis until Easter vigil. At the dismissal you will further discuss the Word of God and the homily (sermon). It's never easy to be the one who doesn't partake in communion, but I also have a family there in the pew... will I have to leave them at the end of the sermon every week for most of a year? Some other sites I've read say that dismissal takes place after the gospel reading... so that would mean I'd miss the actual homily/sermon each week.

Well, I'll take it as it comes.

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