Thursday, June 03, 2004

Heaven Dipping Down 

I had a thought about heaven dipping down, collecting the soul John Paul II at the end of his life. Not reaching down like for Enoch or Elijah or Mary, just a little nod, a little dip of God's head in Karol Wojtyla (Woy-Tee-Wa)'s direction. And then I thought of Mary's final breath,

Blessed Mary curled her broken form
Into the arms of her Father, her son.
Her breath was a storm of angels’ wings,
Rising to Heaven when her life was done.

and I wondered, near the end, if she lay alone in bed, remembering the Word of God living inside of her.

Anyway, when John Paul II's life is ended and the inevitable articles and specials begin trying to sum up the effect he's had on the world, they won't be able to touch the depth of his life. I suspect only art can get there.

Update: Perhaps the pronunciation of Wojtyla is "Voy-Tee-Wa" (thanks, David).

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