Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Our next chapter is "God: Our loving Creator" which I have two weeks to read. I read it last night, albeit while distracted... I have a lot of irons in the fire just now.

A couple of us in class said that we weren't sure about whether we go to heaven when we die or rather wait until the 2nd coming. Our instructor said that our souls go to heaven (after purgatory, if needed) and are then reunited with our bodies at the 2nd coming.

I read about this a bit in the Catechism. I need to have some quiet reflection time over the whole concept of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.

I appreciate the emails I received about Limbo... it was evidently a concept which tried to resolve what happens to babies who die before they are baptized.... a concept that has gone by the wayside.

I wonder what happens to babies who are never born and yet never die? There are 400,000 frozen embryos in the USA alone...

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