Sunday, June 27, 2004

Rite of Acceptance 

At the beginning of church, three of us stood up in the back of church to be called for the Rite of Acceptance/Welcoming. With our three sponsors, six of us then stood up front. The priest asked, "are you prepared to listen to the apostles' instruction gather with us for prayer, and join us the full sacraments of the Catholic Church?" Or words to that effect, and we all said, "I am." Then we faced our assigned sponsors and our sponsors took direction from the priest to cross our forheads, our eyes, our lips, our shoulders, our hearts and our feet. That was pretty much it. It was nice, and the whole church got to know who we were who were intending to join. Our priest placed a cross of wood tied with string around our necks and gave us each a Bible (The New American Bible School and Church Edition) We listened to the readings and the sermon before leaving church while the others had mass. Our instructor asked a few questions about what we thought of the readings and the sermon while outside the others had mass and final hymns.

Our RCIA class will be studying "This is Our Faith" by Michael Francis Pennock. We're to read Chapter 1 (The Existence of God) for tomorrow night's class.

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