Tuesday, July 06, 2004

"Adam and Eve's personal sin affected human nature. Their original sin was transmitted to future generations who inherited a human condition deprived of original justice and holiness. Original sin is not an actual sin we personally commit, rather, we are born into a condition wehre we are inclined to give in to the powers of evil which surround us."

- From "God: Our loving creator" in the book "This is our Faith"
by Michael Francis Pennock

I have this image of God looking at the choices we make like we look at time-lapse photography... Good choices, made repeatedly seem to bloom like a flower beneath the eyes of God, while poor choices reveal some sort of ugliness, some sort of blackening fungus, creeping among the blooms. Of course, God as a gardener has been done to death, but the idea of God viewing lives under time-lapse and finding beauty in moral choices hits the right buttons with me. It also reminds me that the plants in my own garden don't always do well despite my efforts...

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