Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I imagine there will be endless version of this, but ...

When Jane Fonda sought someone who could lend credence to the image of American Soldiers as war criminals, John Kerry said, “Send me!”

When teachers in failing schools wanted to prevent African American parents sending their children to better schools, John Kerry said, “Send me!”

When the ACLU sought senators to bring down the Defense of Marriage act, John Kerry said, “Send me!”

When liberals, afraid of limits to abortion, sought senators who would vote against rights for Unborn victims of violence, the Lacy Petersen law, John Kerry said, “Send me!”

When abortionists wanted a Senator to stand up for Partial Birth Abortion, John Kerry said, “Send me!”

Update: When Bill Clinton was on trial before the Senate after being impeached, he sought the vote of Senators who didn't care that he had lied to the nation... John Kerry said, "Send me."

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