Friday, July 30, 2004

I know this is an RCIA blog, but during these summer months, when we're only covering a chapter, or sometimes half a chapter every two weeks, I will sometimes write about what interests me... and right now, it's the Democrat Convention.

I didn't know, until John Kerry's speech last night, that he had spent time in Berlin when he was growing up.  In fact, he said he accidentally rode his bike into East Germany, behind the Iron Curtan, and his dad grounded him.  I wanted him, at that point in his speech, to honor Ronald Reagan and "Tear down this wall."  Perhaps the Democrats in the room and across the nation would have trounced him, but wouldn't that have been a grand thing to do?  Wouldn't honoring Ronald Reagan's fight against Communism have been the perfect thing to bring over some of those undecideds he was trying to get last night?  Wouldn't reaching across the aisle to a much-loved Republican leader have been just perfect?

But, he didn't.  Instead he twisted President Bush's neck as much as he could.  Kerry doesn't "wear his religion on his sleeve" like Bush.   Kerry won't let religious morals interfere with scientific research like Bush.  (President Clinton made the use of federal money for the destruction of embryos for stem cell research illegal, but allowed federal money for research on stem cells that were created with private money. )  Don't you sometimes wonder, what good are religious morals if they aren't used publically, if they're only applied privately? 

Update:  Actions and Words by Arnold King

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