Monday, July 12, 2004

I've been following, rather unfaithfully, the doings of Jeopardy whiz Ken Jennings. He's been on the show for five or six weeks, he's won 28 times in a row. I was pleased, in the article above, to here him say,

"A lot of it is just God-given memory that I
can't take any credit for"

It's always good to have people, in the midst of a media storm, credit God for their success, don't you think? But, then, he was a member of Brigham Young University's College Bowl team in the 1990s. That makes Jennings, I believe, a Mormon. And here's your Jeopardy Answers in the Category "Mormons", see if you can supply the questions:

For $200: In 1820, he claimed to have received a divine revelation from God that all existing creeds were wrong.

Answer: Who is the founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Joseph Smith.

For $400: This book is claimed to be the most correct book in existence, even more so than the Bible.

Answer: What is "The Book of Mormon," written by Joseph Smith (well, actually he found it on golden tablets and translated it).

For $600: Mormons believe this Man was the father of Jesus.

Answer: Who is Adam (although this is disputed)

For $800: He came to America from Jerusalem in the year 600 B.C.

Answer: Who is the prophet Lehi

For $1000: He is the current chosen prophet of God.

Answer: Who is Gordon B. Hinckley and here.

And a special question for $1200: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints won't tell you this.

Question: What is the Truth, Alex.

OK, so even though I'm a fan of Ken Jennings, I am not a fan of Mormonism, which one of my cousins married into and had one heck of a time getting away from. Does Mr. Jennings believe all of the above? Just how smart is he, really.

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