Friday, July 23, 2004

RCIA Complaint 

The next chapter we're to read for RCIA in "This is our Faith" by Michael Francis Pennock is Chapter 3, "Jesus:  Lord and Messiah. "  The first twelve chapters of this book are using the Catechism to explicate  the Nicine Creed.  I know, since I've lived long enough to understand myself and others to some extent, that excitement comes and goes... but I'm not excited about my RCIA classes.  There is very little back and forth discussion, the class if very small (either 2 or 3 students along with sponsors) and it occurs to me that the class is rather feminine.  We open, generally, by singing a hymn a capella (1.  I'm not familiar with Catholic hymns, 2. I don't read music and 3. I'm not a good singer).  We sit in a small circle, too close to each other, and talk intimately, softly, about our personal beliefs and pasts.  Perhaps it will get better in the Fall when weekly classes begin and we have a rotation of instructors (including our priest).

It is so much more exciting for me to rip through books like this on my own, make my own connections, map my own route.  What did old time sailors call it when the winds stopped blowing?  Oh yeah... the doldrums.

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