Friday, July 09, 2004

We have it so good in this country... so good that people complain and fight bitterly over nothing, over a ten cent raise in the price of gas, over what this or that movie star said or did, over which roads to hold this years' parade. Certainly, there are horrible things that happen in America. Just today, here in Ft. Wayne, this story of a smothered or drowned little girl left to rot in her mother's apartment for weeks. And this story, from Colorado, about people throwing their babies away. These are horrible, horrible stories, but notice it isn't the government doing these things. The Democrats and the Republicans are not breaking down doors (unless young cuban immigrants are behind them) with guns drawn to kill people who are dissenting. The current dissenters, in fact, are praised, for the most part, and admired by the popular culture.

The Democrats are trying to make out like the Republicans want to take away our liberties, but look at the editorial cartoons below about Iran... even if our country is in flux between Left and Right, we have it good.

Al-Sadr's Iranian connection

Iranian Students fight Theocracy

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