Saturday, August 21, 2004

Outward Signs 

We're on to chapter four in "This is our Faith" by Michael Pennock: Jesus: Teacher and Savior. We'll be meeting in RCIA to discus it on Monday evening. As Teacher, Jesus taught:

That last is what I'd like to write about a bit. The book says, "Moral living and service will lead first to renouncing sin and the world's false enticements to happiness and then, inevitably, to suffering." We were to read Luke 12:13-21; 13:22-30; 16:19-31 for this item.

Luke 13 was our New Testament reading this evening at Church. Father said our baptism tags us, like scientists tag wild game so they can be tracked. We make the sign of the cross and it tags us. Jesus traces our path throughout our lives. Father said the cross is the narrow gate and the demands of Christian living are tough: prayer gives us the strength to endure the narrow gate. By our example, we tell all the world what Christianity is all about. Father said we're supposed to display who we are by our actions. We're supposed to tell all the world about Christ in our lives.

The reading's, though, are about about living your life right. They are about building your treasure in Heaven, not on Earth. They are about the rich looking up from hell and seeing the poor up in heaven.

Now, the book goes on to quote Jesus on the the following subjects: Discipleship, Faith, Forgiveness, How to Live, Humility, Love, Possessions, Prayer Happiness, Worry and Sincerity. On that last, sincerity, our book says, "Be careful not to parade your uprightness in public to attract attention; otherwise you will lose all reward from your Father in Heaven." Matthew 6:1

OK. Now here's the rub. As I wrote the other day, I've been surprised to not see any outward signs of faith from the Olympic Athletes. On the one hand, we're supposed to display our faith so that others are informed and can follow. We're supposed to sow seeds. On the other hand, as Matthew 6 shows, we are not supposed to parade our uprightness in public. We're supposed to pray in a closet, not stand up and wave our arms to the Lord in the mall. So... is it wrong when boxers kneel and cross themselves before a bout? Is is wrong when ball players point up to heaven after a double? Would it be wrong for Michael Phelps or for Carly Patterson, if they were so inclined, to credit God? When and where are God and Jesus out of place?

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