Monday, August 30, 2004

The Texas High Court says that fetuses are not people. The British seek global support for fetal stem cell research.

The Britsh want reproductive cloning to be illegal, but theraputic cloning to be allowed. In other words, it's OK to clone a human if you intend to destroy the clone, but it is not OK to clone a human if you intend the clone to live. As a science fiction fan, let me tell you... this is exactly the horror story many books have predicted. Robin Cook's "Chromosome Six" for example (however unlikely it appeared at the time), discusses creating genetic matches for rich people so the rich would have body parts when needed. Much the same as "Coma" where people are put into comas and then killed for their parts. Now the world is seeing the future. Babies are started only, only for their parts... in fact, it is illegal for babies to be started other than for their parts.

If you make your living on your home computer and you come home to find your fifteen year-old has taken it apart to see how it works, and has, in fact, destroyed it by prying off the surface mount components, are you pleased because somewhere down the road the things your teenager learned will be put to good use?

I don't doubt God's power to instill humanity into Man, however Man be spawned. Neither do I doubt God's displeasure at the destruction of Men for the sole purpose of tinkering, no matter how altruistic the reason.

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