Wednesday, September 08, 2004

60 minutes will be interviewing Ben Barnes this weekend, the Lt. Governor of Texas in 1968. Barnes will be saying that he pushed President Bush ahead of others to get him into the National Guard and to keep him out of Vietnam. In the past, Barnes has said that no one in the Bush family requested this, but that he did it hoping to gain favor. It will be interesting to see if Dan Rather, who performed the interview of Barnes, will disclose that Mr. Barnes is the 3rd highest individual contributor to the John Kerry campaign for president.

And, if repeated complaints about not finding Texas Air National Guard records from 35 years ago are not enough, Kitty Kelley will be on all the morning network shows next week with her new book >i>"The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty". Even though Time and Newsweek refused to excerpt the book because it's impossible to substantiate the rumors of President Bush's cocaine use and Laura Bush being a drug selling pothead, the morning Today will go ahead with the rumors.

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