Sunday, September 26, 2004


I had my first dismissal on Saturday. After the homily, our priest called those of us in the RCIA class up front and he said words to the effect that we were working toward full communion and going off to study the word more closely. Our teacher raised the gospel up high and we followed her out to a side room where we studied the gospel reading for the day while those outside took Mass.

The gospel lesson was on Luke 16:19, The rich man and the beggar, Lazarus. Our priest's homily was about watching out for the weakest among us... the unborn. He spoke passionately about using our vote in November to vote for whoever will get us closer to making abortion illegal again. He said Catholics should vote for life, so items like abortion, capital punishment and war are all issues to look at closely, but abortion above all else. Capital punishment and war could be justified in certain cases, but never abortion... not in rape, not in incest, not for the health of the mother. It was a very strongly worded homily.

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