Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I just saw an amazing speech, by Democrat Zell Miller at the Republican Convention. Here's the text. But reading the text will, in no way, convey the incredible anger and hurt Miller portrayed against his own party. If you didn't see it, try to catch it on CSPAN late tonight, or tomorrow. Miller also had good words for President Bush, "I like that he's the same man on Saturday night that he is on Sunday morning," he said.

I happened to watch CNN and Judy Woodruff, Greenfield and Wolf Blitzer all teamed up on Zell Miller and bashed him for minutes, Miller stayed strong on his convictions.

ABC's Stephanolopus says, "Miller's speech was too hot and will backfire, it will convince no one who isn't already voting for Bush."

Miller is on Chris Matthews show on MSNBC for a long time, Matthews is his normal, shouting self and Miller is having none of it, telling Chris Matthews to "Get out of my face." and "you're not going to just run over me like you did that girl on your show the other night." (Michelle Malkin). All the talking heads are using the Democrat talking points, saying that Dick Cheney voted against a lot of the same weapons systems that John Kerry did... but Zell Miller has documentation that Kerry didn't just vote against the systems as part of larger bills, like Cheney, Kerry stood up and gave speeches against the Military budgets... Miller is being pounded by all the anchors and he's giving as good as he's getting.

Never really have seen the like of this.

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