Thursday, September 23, 2004

I sometimes have the NBC Today show on in the background in the morning because it's about the only good signal I can get of Interest. I had to turn it off today. First, the Interim Iraqi Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi (who is in America to talk to Congress) was on, being interviewed by Tom Brokaw. The Prime Minister said that the American Media is overplaying the bad news in Iraq and underplaying the good news. Instead of discussing this in any meaningful way, Mr. Brokaw started listing every bad thing he could think of in Iraq. Instead of making any effort at all to take Allawi's criticism to heart, Brokaw threw every Democrat talking point into Allawi's face. "Don't you think more International Support is needed? (Kerry talking point) Don't you think your neighbors need to get involved? (Kerry talking point), etc. etc. etc.

Perhaps when Brokaw retires he can take his proper position with the DNC. Every time Allawi moved to talk about the rebuilding of the Iraq infrastruture and the new schools and the growing marketplace, Brokaw made Allawi's point in spades with more bad news.

Following Brokaw, Katie Couric interviewed the comedian who does the news on Comedy Central's cable channel (Jon Stewart). Stewart started providing much the same Democrat talking points about Iraq. I turned it off... I hear the Democrat talking points every day.

What about the Catholic talking points? I picked up a voter's guide at church the other day. Here are the Catholic non-negotiable talking points:

1. Don't vote for anyone who supports abortion.
2. Don't vote for anyone who supports euthanasia.
3. Don't vote for anyone who supports Fetal Stem Cell Research.
4. Don't vote for anyone who supports Human Cloning experimentation.
5. Don't vote for anyone who supports Gay Marriage.

I see a thread in those Catholic talking points. It's a thread of respect and reverence for life. I see that thread even in the item about Gay Marriage. If you watched, or heard, or read President Bush's speech to the United Nations the other day, you heard him talk about human dignity. Many on the Left and some on the Right believe that refusing to allow Gay people to marry is against human dignity. I do not see dignity in their sin anymore than I see dignity in my own.

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