Monday, September 13, 2004

If you're not following the CBS, Dan Rather, 60 Minutes II forgery story, where 60 Minutes ran a story critical of President Bush's National Guard service based on forged memos and testamony that has fallen apart, just skip down a bit. If you want an update on the 60 Minutes II fogery story, go to Rathergate.com.

I was worried that this morning's interview of Kitty Kelley on the Today Show would be just more Bush bashing from unnamed sources. I've seen Today try to destroy the reputation of people they don't like by letting gossip be taken as fact. But I was surprised and happy that Matt Lauer was very hard on Kitty Kelley's assertions that President Bush used cocaine at Camp David when he father, the elder Bush, was president. Lauer pointed out that Kitty Kelley tapes almost all her interview, but she didn't take the drug accusations, he also pointed out Sharon Bush, the only named source for the story, has denied she ever said it or saw it, and had her on the show later to denounce the whole story as false. I wonder if Matt Lauer was watching CBS and Dan Rather destroy their reputations and decided to actual be a journalist. I'm glad he did, because it saved me time, I was ready to call Today Show sponsors if they weren't demanding about the truth of the charges.

RCIA tonight: Chapter 5: "The Holy Spirit: The Power of Love."

We were supposed to be dismissed on Saturday, before Mass, but our priest either forgot or dismissal was delayed because it was festival day and we had an address on video tape from our Bishop.

We sold tickets at the entrance of the festival. We were suprised at how polite and patient all the kids were. We've been involed for a lot of years and have seen so many kids behave badly at festivals. Kudos to our new church family! It was a great day for a festival and it was very crowded. A Big Screen Projection TV was in the beer tent for the Notre Dame game... now that's something that old Methodists are not used to: beer and football at Church. :)

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