Thursday, September 16, 2004

My parents are celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss on Saturday. I've worked for the last two weeks scanning in pictures and slides and putting together a DVD of their 50+ years together (they started dating in high school). I'm am jealous of the documentation of their love. Pictures from school plays they were in together, pictures of them with their friends, pictures of them traveling, dancing, holding each other, holding hands, kissing, holding their kids, their grandkids, pictures of them with their parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles...

Let me tell you, if your camera is sitting dusty in the closet, get it out and snap some shots of everyday family life, unposed, in focus -- you'll be glad you did in later life. So much of my own family life goes undocumented even though I'm something of a camera bug. I pledge to do better. :)

RCIA was pretty good, we talked about the Holy Spirit. Our teacher said we don't call it the Holy Ghost anymore because Ghost has too many spooky connotations. We only had two students in our class this time, but a new RCIA session is starting and perhaps our class will grow... that would be good. We're into weekly classes now and our priest will be teaching next week on Marriage and Annulment... that will be interesting. I'd like to understand how it is that people who have been married with children can get the church to disregard those years... given the above info about my parents, you understand I'm against such things... too many people don't try and refuse to bend.

Getting old isn't for wimps, and neither is marriage.

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