Friday, September 10, 2004

Well, it seems nearly everyone I read online, from blogs to the Washington Post, agrees that the National Guard documents that 60 minutes ran with this week are most likely fakes. The documents were given to 60 minutes by the Kerry campaign, but the Kerry campaign is saying they just passed them along, it's not their job to verify them. This is a real bad thing for Dan Rather to have happen at the end of his career, but from what I've read, there were plenty of questions about the documents and 60 minutes went ahead with them anyway... it's his own fault.

I wonder if NBC and the Today show are watching this play out since next week they are planning to have on Kitty Kelley three times to claim President Bush and Laura were druggies... and her source, Sharon Bush (divorced from the President's brother Neil Bush) has already come out and said those claims attributed to her are false. Take a look at Dan Rather today, Katie Courice and Matt Lauer, do you want to be him?

On a more upbeat note: One of the wonderful things about having your daughter in Catholic grade school? Yesterday she told her teacher that her grandfather (my father) was in the hospital.... and the whole class prayed for him. :) That's one story my kids who went through public school never came home with.

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