Friday, October 01, 2004

The 1st Debate 

I watched the 1st debate last night. John Kerry said many times that the USA has suffered 90% of the casualties and paid 90% of the cost and that our allies have been less involved. I do so wish President Bush would have made note of the terrible losses the Iraqis are suffering. All of the bombings of people signing up to be police or in the Iraqi armed forces, all of the bombings in marketplaces, killing of women and children. The USA has had more casualties than the British or the Poles, but for heaven's sake, the Iraqis are our allies in this war, too, and both candidates ignored their losses.

I thought President Bush came out ahead because how can you overcome his logic: "You say this war is a mistake and you want to lead the soldiers? You say this war is a diversion from the real war and you want more allies to join us? You believe soldiers should die for a mistake and allies should join in a diversion?" John Kerry wants to fix an Iraq we broke, George Bush wants to destroy the enemies of freedom. John Kerry said that Iraq didn't attack us, Bin Laden did... but that ignores the years of Iraq firing on our planes trying to enforce the no-fly zone, it ignores Saddam trying to assassinate Bush 41, it ignores the reality of what Iraq was before this war.

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