Thursday, October 07, 2004

I find it hard to even write, and I wonder if her comments have some cultural basis that escapes me, but Teresa Heinz Kerry, asked about miscarriages during her marriage to Senator John Heinz, said she called the miscarried babies, "piggies." This is a Catholic woman?

Disturbed, I return to work.

Update: I see the Weekly Standard has corrected their copy to read "Pinkies" and not "Piggies"... equally strange to me. Here's the correction:

* Correction appended, 10/7/2004:The article originally reported that Teresa Heinz referred to her miscarriages as "piggies," not "pinkies." The audio on the interview was unclear, but the partial transcript on Dr. Phil's website says "pinkies," and the Washington Post concurs. Of course, whatever name she uses for her miscarried children isn't so revealing as the fact that she has a name for these would-have-been offspring which she uses to discuss them in public.

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