Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kurt Schilling was just on the Today show being interviewed by Matt Lauer and Katie Couric. Matt Lauer opened the interview by saying something to the effect of, "In the interest of disclosure, Kurt, I must tell you that I'm an unhappy Yankee fan." Then Matt went on to quote some article saying that this 87 year quest for the World Series and the whole "Curse of the Babe" idea was what defined the Red Sox and that now they are just another team, a team that has mostly lost over the years, among the many." Schilling said something like, "Well, Matt, I'm not going respond to every broken-hearted Yankee fan in the press."

It would be nice, in the interest of disclosure, if Matt and Katie opened every interview with President Bush with the statement, "I must tell you, to start off, that I'm going to vote for John Kerry. Now, we have this AP story that claims United States soldiers helped the Iraqi terrorists loot the Al Qaqaa explosives. What say you?" Wouldn't it be great, then, if like Kurt Schilling, President Bush would say, "Well, Matt, I'm not going to respond to every Kerry supporter seeking to slander our soldiers in order to bring down my administration."

By the way, on Good Morning America, Kurt Schilling ended his interview with Charlie Gibson by saying, "Go Vote! Vote Bush!" Schilling was born in Alaska.

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