Monday, October 18, 2004

Why I support George Bush and not John Kerry

I have three reasons for supporting President Bush for President over John Kerry: 1) Immigration, 2) Judges and 3) A Strong Military.

Immigration. In the 2000 election, the memory of Elian Gonzalez screaming in fright in the face of a trooper with an automatic rifle was fresh in my mind. "Is this the way we handle child custody cases in America," I thought? Do we storm into residences and tear gas the defendants and their lawyers while legal proceedings are ongoing? I believed then, and continue to believe now, that President Bush brings an important aspect to the leadership of our country: his relationship with Mexico and Hispanic Americans. President Bush and his extended family, especially Jeb, provide a welcoming, friendly, understanding face to the millions of immigrants coming to America. This relationship will flower further after the intensity of the war and the election fade. Without these immigrants, most of whom are hard working, conservative Catholics, our national population would be dropping just as European and Japanese populations are dropping. On the other hand, a Northeastern liberal who defies the Pope and relies on class warfare for votes, will only yield further cultural nightmares for America.

Judges. I remain shocked that several Supreme Court Justices did not retire during President Bush's first term. Much of overwhelming effort Republicans put forth to win that 2000 election fight was due to the knowledge that Al Gore would have appointed judges who believe there is no place for religion in the public square. Hopefully, soon after President Bush wins in 2004, some Justices will move to retire. I am not one who believes that Roe v. Wade will be overturned by the Supreme Court if only we get the "Right" kind of judges, but I am one who believes that President Bush will not appoint judges who will push God into the closet. I am more concerned about rulings like the Pledge of allegiance, the L.A. County Seal (which the ACLU says must have the crosses removed), the removal of all hints of religion from the public schools, etc. We have to appoint more judges in America who are not anti-God. Weren't we founded on freedom of religion, not freedom from religion?

Military. George Bush is the overwhelming favorite of the Military. Why? Because he lets them do their job when this country is threatened and that's why they volunteered. Geoge Bush says he's going to do something and then he does it... this is a wonderful thing to be able to count on if you're a soldier. A soldier's life is often filled with "hurry up and wait" events; President Bush follows through. John Kerry, on the other hand, is probably the most controversial military figure ever to aspire to the presidency. What must the soldiers feel about his throwing his medals away, his discussions with the enemy in Paris during the Vietnam War, his three purple hearts without serious injury? What must the soldiers be thinking when John Kerry says one day he will pull troops out of Korea and the next day criticizes that same plan, when he one days says he will add more troops to the fight and the next says he will bring our soldiers home, when he one day says the war in Iraq must only end in victory and the next says the war in Iraq is a mistake and a diversion. What must our allies think when a President Kerry invites them to participate in a war he admits is a mistake, when he invites them to participate while belittling their current efforts... what would the world think of the United States (after our center of military power, the Pentagon, at the seat of our national government, Washington D.C. was grievously attacked) if we turn away from the broader fight against the system that attacked us?

For these reasons, I support George W. Bush for President in 2004.

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