Monday, November 01, 2004

Iran MPs, crying 'Death to America,' pass nuclear bill.

Can you imagine 85% of our Congress passing a measure along with shouts of "Death to Iran!" Well, of course not, at best our Congresspeople would mutter something under their breath, make sure they could revise and extend their remarks in case their mutterings polled badly, and then get out of the limelight before they offended a voting bloc. What a far cry our current leaders are from the original signers of the Declaration of Independence who signed knowing they could and probably would lose everything they had. But that's neither here, nor there. Why would Iran be shouting "Death to America" when, according to John Kerry, George Bush is completely ignoring Iran and letting the European Union do all the negotiating? Could it be that it's really very clear to the world that the current US Administration was serious when it labeled Iran as one third of the Axis of Evil?

How safe does a John Kerry presidency make you feel when you know that Iran's lawmakers pass bills with shouts of "Death to America" while Senator Kerry wants to call their bluff by giving them nuclear fuel rods and collecting the spent rods when they're done with them. Didn't we already go down that path with North Korea? Didn't North Korea lie to our face and build nuclear bombs with the enriched uranium?

Faced with diplomatic pressure and the threat of American military airstrikes against the reactor, North Korea agreed to dismantle its plutonium program as part of the Agreed Framework in which South Korea and the United States would provide North Korea with light water reactors and fuel oil until those reactors could be completed. Because the light water reactors would require enriched uranium to be imported from outside North Korea, the amount of reactor fuel and waste could be more easily tracked making it more difficult to divert nuclear waste to be reprocessed into plutonium. However, with the abandonment of its plutonium program, North Korea secretly began a program to build a bomb based on enriched uranium.
I don't believe there's anyway to know how the next four years are going to play out with North Korea and Iran, but the image of Saddam on trial, which should be coming soon, will surely have an impact on the leaders of the other two members of the Axis. It's an image John Kerry wouldn't have achieved, an image with which John Kerry, even today, disagrees.

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