Friday, November 19, 2004

Sex Abuse Scandal 

I watched a bit of History International's Ancient Almanac last night about "The Rise of Christianity: The First 1000 years." I took some heart at the program, espcially as it dealt with how horrible Pope John XV was (I believe the program said women were afraid to go to St. Peter's to pray for fear the Pope would take them by force to his chambers) and how so much of the church had fallen into disrepair and ransack. Why take heart? Because Sylvester II followed on his heels full of faith and light, energy and ethics.

I don't write about the Catholic sex abuse scandal because I sense it is being handled and I don't have anything to add. But that scandal is a used as a club to beat Catholic morality senseless. It is reassuring to know the Church has been here before, has been in worse shape both morally and physically before, and has (with the grace of God) found leaders of skill and class and holiness to lead the way.

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