Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Healing and Reconciliation 

Our priest taught our RCIA class last night concerning the Sacraments of Healing and Reconciliation. He doesn't often refer to the text, but uses his own materials and experiences. He had set out a jar of the oil he uses to annoint the sick, a purple stole, and a copy of the book he uses for the last rights and prayers for the dying or recently dead.

I like our priest, he is, as my grandmother would say, full of piss and vinegar, which to me means he's boisterous and full of energy. 'Penance' is self-punishment for our sins... it is the prayers or tasks the priest assigns us in order to show we are truly sorry and seeking forgiveness. Our priest said he gives soft penance, generally, because he sees it as more important for people to continue coming to confession and not so afraid or dreadful that the penance will be too hard.

It was a fun class. The older sponsors and RCIA team members shared stories of past Confessions and Last Rights, etc. and our priest spoke of where the church went wrong in the past and how it is now.

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