Friday, December 17, 2004

Life in Christ 

After covering the Nicene Creed and the Seven Sacraments in our RCIA class, we are now moving on to Part 3 of Michael Pennock's book, "This is our Faith." Part 3 is "Life in Christ" and concerns Morality, the 10 commandments, social justice and the like.

I was very interested to read Father C. John McCloskey's article in the National Catholic Register this week. "Europe Revisited -- and America Reconsidered" concerns the failure, after 2000 years, of Christianity in Europe. It's a very good read if you ask me, which you didn't.
The spiritual illness of Europe may be terminal -- but death is not the end. This would not be the first time a great swath of Christendom came to ruin. After all, the Middle East, Asia Minor and Northern Africa were once flourishing centers of Christianity. Indeed, with the increasing hemorrhage of Christians from an intolerant and war-stricken Middle East, soon there may be virtually no Christians at all in the Holy Land where Christianity was founded.
Actually, this week's "National Catholic Register" had many good articles, from concerns over the death penalty and Scott Peterson to the banning of Christmas in the Denver's annual Parade of Lights to the new National Council of Churches' effort to strangle Catholics with their own ecumenical rope, "Christian Churches Together in the U.S.A."

I like the Register & think I'll renew it for Christmas.

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