Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Study for Christmas 

We hardly made it through the Beatitudes last night at RCIA, leaving sections on Free Will, Morality, Emotions, Conscience, Original Sin, the types of sin and Cardinal and Theological Virtues for our own consideration. This particular chapter (Foundations of Catholic Morality), though not indecently long, contains far too much information. So, I'll study myself through the links below over the Christmas RCIA break. Our teacher did talk for a short period of time on Original Sin, telling us the Apple and the Garden was a myth and we don't know what the original sin was beyond Mankind choosing himself over God. I used the online searchable Catechism and looked up the word "myth" and nothing popped up.

Catholic Foundations (a nice site for more info on these topics).

Pope Leo the Great, Homily XCV: On the Beatitudes.

Thomas Morrow: Forming a Catholic Conscience.

James Likoudis: Contraception and the Catholic Conscience.

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