Friday, January 14, 2005

Conscientious Objection 

In this article, Lutherans Recommend Tolerance on Gay Policy, we find that a Lutheran task force of clergy and laypeople worked for three years to recommend that penalties levied on clergy who bless same-sex unions should remain in place, but do not need to be enforced. In this way, they say, those who are against homosexual marriage still can say Lutherans do not allow it, while those who are for same-sex marriage can perform a blessing without being kicked out on their ear. The church will vote on the recommendation next August.
Those who defy church policies now face a range of disciplinary actions. The approach would allow those who agree and disagree with the policy to stay within the church, the group said.

The task force didn't want legislation: that would have created a win-lose situation," said the Rev. Dr. Philip D. W. Krey, president of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. "They wanted to legitimize both sides of the issue. This allows each side to be conscientious objectors, allows them to legitimately disagree and act on it and not be disciplined for it."
So... everybody wins? What about those people who believe that same-sex unions are sinful setups and that blessing them in the Lutheran Church is placing God's blessing on sin? Do they win? The happy couple gets their marriage blessed and the faithfilled congregant gets to sit in the pew, turn his or her head away and conscientiously object.

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